Golden Teacher Micro-dossing


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Golden Teacher Micro-dossing

What is a microdose?

LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, and DMT are all examples of psychedelics that are used in the technique of microdosing to treat pre-existing diseases (like depression or anxiety). The goal is to develop a better balance rather than get high.

What is an average dosage?

Whether or not you’ve eaten depends on the medicine you’re taking. The effects could be lessened if you have a full stomach. But generally speaking, a common microdose is between 5% and 10% of a regular dosage. For instance, one to one and a half grams of mushrooms constitute a usual dosage. The range of a microdose is 50 to 150 milligrams. Microdoses can also be ingested uncooked or in liquid form.

Who is responsible?

The idea was initially developed by pharmaceutical corporations as a component of their medication research outside of clinical trials in the 1970s. More lately, it has emerged as the go-to method for people hoping to use psychedelics’ therapeutic effects to alleviate depression and anxiety, or just to boost creativity or happiness levels without becoming too high.

How frequently ought one to microdose?

Depending on your aims, yes. But usually twice weekly, ideally outside of working hours. While many people who experiment with microdosing do it on their own, experts advise professional supervision and occasional pauses for people who use psychedelics for therapy to avoid tolerance and reduce the drug’s efficacy.Golden Teacher Micro-dossing

Exist any dangers?

Psychedelics are often very potent. While microdosing, it’s a good idea to avoid mixing them with alcohol or other substances, including prescription medications. Some professionals advise avoiding all stimulants, including coffee. Wait three to four hours if you are taking prescription medication before microdosing. It’s crucial to microdose for novices in a relaxed setting. Additionally, have a cheerful outlook. Your experience will be greatly influenced by your objectives.


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